Evaluating Depth Perception of Photorealistic Mixed Reality Visualizations for Occluded Objects in Outdoor Environments

Enabling users to accurately perceive the correct depth of occluded objects is one of the major challenges in user interfaces for Mixed Reality (MR). Therefore, several visualization techniques and user evaluations for this area have been published. Our research is focused on photorealistic X-ray type visualizations in outdoor environments. In this paper, we present an evaluation of depth perception in far-field distances through two photorealistic visualizations of occluded objects (X-ray and Melt) in the presence and absence of a depth cue. Our results show that the distance to occluded objects was underestimated in all tested conditions. This finding is curious, as it contradicts previously published results of other re- searchers. The Melt visualization coupled with a depth cue was the most accurate among all the experimental conditions.