Pathways to Market

Deliverables: Two Mobile Phone Apps; One Web-Based Dashboard
Contribution: Ethnographic Studies, Conceptualization, Design, and Usability
Timeline: October 2015 - Now
Location: Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Description: The Pathways to Market project is researching the food safety, traceability, environmental capital and consumer choice elements of Tasmanian food export supply chains. This will present both consumers and producers with a better picture of how value can be generated and shared by demonstrating food provenance.

We are developing two mobile phone apps: one for beef producers and the other for consumers. Goals of producer app are to provide beef farmers with an intuitive unobtrusive interface to help them manage their farms efficiently and provide traceable information to the consumers of their beef, tell their story to them. Goals of the consumer app are to provide them an intuitive interface to identify the source of the product they are buying and it's nutrtional value in comparison with other available products in the same category. Most important challenge of the consumer app is to make users to use the app.

My role involves performing :

  • ethnographic studies to identify user needs and work practices
  • use this information to conceptualize and design the app interfaces
  • liaise with developers to develop the apps
  • performing usability evaluations of the app and iteratively improve them